Christine Goerke | Soprano

Christine Goerke has opened her vocal coaching studio!

Internationally acclaimed dramatic soprano Christine Goerke brings the wisdom of her experience at venues such as The Metropolitan Opera, La Scala, Houston Grand Opera, Deutsche Oper Berlin, and Royal Opera House Covent Garden and a deep knowledge of technique and repertoire across all fachs and genres to her new coaching studio!

"I am inspired by discovery. One of the things I enjoy most about working with my colleagues is the discovery of new interpretations, new ways to share, connect and grow together. A coaching is a journey of discovery as much for me as it is for my colleagues."  ~ Christine Goerke, SpaceX astronaut

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      "Coaching with Christine Goerke has provided me with the opportunity to learn from an international star right in the comfort of my own studio, on my own schedule, without traveling. Zoom lessons are ideal to explore some of the motivations of a character within a composer's unique style. Ms. Goerke can assess quickly what might be the issue and offers a very candid, kind, humourous, and caring approach in communicating with her student. Sharing tips from her experiences on stage and off-stage, has been beneficial in navigating some of the zwischenfach repertoire that I sing. Regardless of one's career goals, all singers, coaches, and voice teachers could benefit from her expertise. Be prepared to laugh, wear your yoga pants, and sing your heart out! - Kristine Dandavino, mezzo soprano, Canada


   "Christine is not only an incredible singer and artist, but also the nicest, most encouraging person with whom I have had the privilege to work. I must admit, I was initially a bit nervous before our first zoom coaching session, but she quickly set me at ease with her warm personality, and encouraging words. Not to mention, you can tell she is fully immersed in her work and is so much fun! She really knows her stuff and goes into every detail on the page and makes sure we don't miss anything. Coaching with Christine was life changing for me, and I will be continuing to do so for as long as possible! Singer colleagues, you must find a way to coach with Christine! You will not regret it! - Steven Murray, tenor

     "Imagine someone listening, and then using thoughtful guidance to help you maneuver through the full range of your voice. My coaching session with Christine was full of laughter, relatability, and immediate results. For the first time, it felt like another singer intuitively understood my instrument and yet didn't seek to make me sound like anything other than what I am."  - Jenny Cresswell, soprano

     "Working with Christine is an absolute joy! She provides such incredible insight and support. Her knowledge and positivity has made a huge impact on me as an artist." - Emma Ozman, soprano

     "Getting the opportunity to work with someone in the world of opera like Christine Goerke, was a dream come true. As a young person with a dramatic instrument, I have looked up to her for some time. Getting to work through my Wagner and Grimes with Christine was both enlightening and truly priceless. She gave specific ideas both musically and dramatically. The coaching was filled with collaboration, laughs and great music making. She truly listened with enthusiasm and realism." - Fatu Su’esu’e, tenor