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Is it loud in here? GOOD.

I am SO glad you are here! I've been eager to welcome you to so that I can share with you the lighter side (and maybe sometimes the more serious side) of what it means to be a mom first, a dramatic soprano second and a serious foodie third.

I've spent a long, long time traveling, singing, meeting amazing people, and getting to work with amazing colleagues. I've seen so many wonderful things on this planet of ours, but nothing means more to me than the comfort of my home. The sweetest music to my ears is hearing my kids run/stumble down the stairs (depending on the school day) in the morning. My greatest joys are snuggling with my family by the fireplace, taking my dog for a walk, and cooking food for however many people I can crowd into my dining room - I think the record is 15? I'll have to check.

Anyway - pull up a chair and stick around! I'm looking forward to getting to know you! I know we'll have a lot of fun. I'm hoping to bring a lot a good things to the table: guest editors, recipes, fun backstage videos  - the possibilities are endless!

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Christine Goerke


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