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Erin's Gifts

Hi all...

A bright, strong, loving, funny, insanely talented, kind, wonderful woman.

Erin Wall was all of those things, but she was also, and most importantly, an incredibly devoted

mother to Michael and Julia.

I’d like to tell you all a story. When I was just twelve years old (and my brother was nine), we lost our mother suddenly. It was nearly the very same time of year in which we lost Erin. It was more than a shock, and of course, Christmas was coming quickly. We didn’t have much to celebrate, and it was going to be a horribly difficult one without my mom. But when we came down on Christmas morning, our house was filled with handmade gifts, things that we could have only wished for, food, etc...

The whole community came out to make this time magical for us. To give us some joy and hope at Christmas. No, of course it didn’t replace my mother, but it showed us that people cared. That we weren’t alone. It kept the magic in Christmas for us for just a little while longer. Gave us some joy that we weren’t expecting.

The day Erin passed, I made a promise to her that I would do this for her children. Pay it forward, if you will.

With the great help of Erin’s mother Suzanne, we have created two wish lists for the children. We also are wanting to purchase new computers/iPads for them, both as a necessity for school and for play.

I am asking you all to please help me do this for them. For Erin. Any small gift would mean the world to them.

Let’s help to make this holiday joyful for Michael and Julia.

Click this link for Michael's Christmas Wish List.

Click this link for Julia's Christmas Wish List.

We've also started a GoFundMe to raise money for the new computers/iPads, or for whatever amount you'd like to contribute toward Christmas joy. You can contribute by clicking this link.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.



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Dec 03, 2020

This is such a lovely thing to do, Christine. Sending all my love to Rob, Michael, Julia and Erin's parents.

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