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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

This morning, I woke up at 5am. This time of year is honestly my very favorite to be home. The time of year when the trees are that elusive Crayola shade “spring green” (yes, it turns out that is a color), when the birds are singing for all they are worth at 4:45am, and sleeping with the windows open affords you the sound of their melodious voices as you awaken. 

I wandered downstairs, made my bougie vanilla coffee (don’t judge, it’s delicious), and took my iPad out to the backyard.   

This is the perfect time to get some work done, I thought.   Everyone is still sleeping, I won’t be disturbed, it’s a gorgeous day, and I can be productive.

Then I heard it.


Rustling through the trees. The birds suddenly had something to say in a furious chatter about the breeze, and I closed my eyes and inhaled. Took all of it in, held it for a moment, and slowly let it out. 

A smile crossed my face. 

This simple act. We do it countless times every day, and yet sometimes, we “forget” to do it.   Figuratively and possibly literally.    

The deep inhalation with a relaxed body this morning felt so good. So life affirming.   

I think that, perhaps, in the midst of this chaos, I have forgotten to breathe. In fact I know that I have. How could I have forgotten how it feels to do something so basic? So simple. So necessary.   

As a singer, I have to admit that I find it rather funny that I could forget my breathing.   

So this morning, I made a promise to myself to take that moment at the start of each day...   

To have to myself.  

To center my thoughts.    

To breathe.



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