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I Will Dissent

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

I’ll tell you something. I haven’t stopped crying since I heard.

My mind wouldn’t stop. My panicked brain was screaming, “NO! We need her! She is our only protection! My daughters - what will happen to them and their rights?!”

I sobbed alone and asked aloud ,”Ruth, what are we going to do now??”

And suddenly I realized...that woman. That tiny ballsy brilliant unstoppable powerhouse of a woman. She faced insane adversity to get to where she was. To accomplish what she has accomplished. Impossible odds.

And she fought. And fought. And fought. And when they said it was impossible, she fought some more. And she showed them that it was *not* impossible. And then she got cancer. A FEW times...and fought some more.

She screamed for equality. She demanded it. She gave her very life blood for decades to have it for all of us.

I took a deep breath. I’m still crying. I will mourn this great woman who was a champion for the arts. Who was a champion for equality. Who was a champion for women. Who took the time to call my daughters over in her chambers in November of last year (after I was fortunate enough to do a concert for the Justices at the Supreme Court at her invitation) even though there were more than thirty people being given a “tour” there, to speak to them and give them little gifts. Each was given a pin in the shape of her dissent collar that she “happened” to have a bag full of in her desk. Such a mom move!

So. After I sat stunned and exhausted for a bit this evening, I decided that instead of being afraid, panicking or screaming, it is time to dig the hell in and continue what she started. To fight for everything that she has already accomplished and demand MORE.

I WON’T be afraid.

I will be grateful.

I will continue to fight.

I will not allow my daughters to become property or “less than”.

I will dissent.

It is what Ruth would have done.

Thank you, Ruth. For giving of yourself time and time again. For us. For our nation. I will never forget.

I would say may your memory be a blessing, but everything about you has always been...and always will be.

Rest well, you Valkyrie. I hope Marty is making you your favorite soufflé right now. Xo

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4 Kommentare

20. Sept. 2020

I responded to this on Facebook, but it is an honor to respond again. What a beautiful tribute, from one Valkyrie to another!! You have said it all, Christine. Thank you for your heartfelt and moving words. I hope my heart stops hurting soon, though..

Gefällt mir

19. Sept. 2020

brilliant! now WE do!

Gefällt mir

Carli Miller
Carli Miller
19. Sept. 2020

I really really needed this!

Gefällt mir

Elizabeth J Michel
Elizabeth J Michel
19. Sept. 2020

Amen !

Gefällt mir
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