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As I sit here this morning, in my backyard with my coffee (which, as you can see, is clearly making me awesome), I am looking at blue skies and so much green everywhere. I hear my wind chimes (alto, of course) gently tinkling in the tree next to my deck, then tinkling louder...then getting downright Hunchback of Notre Dame-esque in their clanging. I looked over to see what in the world was happening and saw this:

Now, to be fair, my husband meant well when he hung the bird feeder, full of seed and deliciousness. Herr Squirrel here decided it was a full on buffet and sat in my tree SCREAMING to his friends. "GUYS GUYS- IT'S ON!" - sort of like this:

And as I sat here - he gave me the squirrel Jersey "bird" and went to *town*. I thought ... you little thief. Which made me start thinking about thieves and how things we love are stolen.





We've seen a lot of that as of late. Some of these things we can't control. Some, we can. I allowed my dreams to feel stolen for a bit a few weeks ago. Then I decided to take what matters I could into my own hands. I ventured out on this coaching-from-home journey. I wasn't at all sure how it would pan out - how much can we actually do when we are not in front of someone? When we are not physically with each other?

As It turns out - A LOT. The work I've been doing with my colleagues in the last month has been so wonderful and so enriching for me. My connection to what I love is restored. The thrill and excitement of communicating that connection with others is renewed. Seeing colleagues get excited again when we have all fought the "OMG WHAT NOW" headspace - well, to use one more R word - that one made me rejoice. Don't let anyone or any thing steal your dreams. There are so many more ways than one to achieve them.️



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